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Where Did All the Posts Go?

If you look at the post below, the date says “September 23, 2009”. Of course, that isn’t the last time I posted an article.

Unfortunately, this site was hacked about two weeks ago, and as a result, a big chunk of the database was wiped out — which included about 40 or so posts from the past 9 months. (No, I didn’t have a backup … shame on me.)

While in the middle of cleaning things up, you may notice that I took the opportunity to update the site — hope you like the new look.

More tasting notes and other wine information are coming soon. Thanks for your patience.


  1. Bummer! Have you found out who hacked your site?

  2. No idea who did it … most likely a kiddie scripter who hopefully will put his/her talent toward something more positive and constructive.

    In any case, I’m back, still swirling and sipping, and intend on sharing my thoughts on wine and the wine industry once again.

    Thanks for visiting and for the comment!

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