Wine Reviews Tasting Notes and Education for the Non-Snob, by Vino Joe, a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW)

Drink Wine, Age Gracefully

bottle_glass_pour.jpgA battery of recent studies suggest that moderate alcohol consumption by people over 60 results in a reduced risk for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

Through two years of studies conducted with over 28,000 subjects, it was found that 45% of male and 27% of women reduced their risk of dementia by consuming 1 to 28 drinks per week, compared to people who abstained from drinking.

The results make sense, considering that we already know that drinking wine can can increase HDL (“good cholesterol”), improve blood flow to the brain, and decrease blood coagulation — all of which may reduce the risk for dementia.

So there you have it — yet another reason to guiltlessly enjoy a glass of wine.


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